[Diagnosis and therapy control of neuroblastoma using meta-iodo- benzylguanidine].


Meta-iodine-benzylguanidine (MIBG) scanning provides, for the first time, specific radiological means for diagnosis, treatment follow-up and post-treatment care of patients with neuroblastoma. Of 10 such patients studied by MIBG scanning, 7 had histologically confirmed neuroblastoma. In 6 of them there was markedly increased activity in the primary tumor, in 3 metastases were demonstrated. In at least one patient the intensity of increased activity suggested the possibility of selective therapeutic administration.

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@article{Kimmig1985DiagnosisAT, title={[Diagnosis and therapy control of neuroblastoma using meta-iodo- benzylguanidine].}, author={Bernhard N. Kimmig and Werner E. Brandeis and Jimmie Adolph}, journal={Deutsche medizinische Wochenschrift}, year={1985}, volume={110 5}, pages={175-9} }