Diagnosis and surgical management for retrosternal thyroid mass.

  title={Diagnosis and surgical management for retrosternal thyroid mass.},
  author={Yushang Cui and Zhiyuan Zhang and Shanqing Li and Li Li and Heng Zhang and Zejian Li},
  journal={Chinese medical sciences journal = Chung-kuo i hsueh k'o hsueh tsa chih},
  volume={17 3},
OBJECTIVE To understand the clinical manifestations, diagnostic methods, surgical management and prognosis of retrosternal thyroid masses in various pathological types. METHODS Sixty-four cases of retrosternal thyroid masses with surgical intervention were analyzed retrospectively. RESULTS Trachea-compressed symptoms (65%) and shadows beside the trachea at thoracic inlet (94%) were the most common clinical findings, chest X-ray (70%) and CT scan (96%) had higher diagnostic rate. No death… CONTINUE READING