Diagnosis and management of Waldenström macroglobulinemia: Mayo stratification of macroglobulinemia and risk-adapted therapy (mSMART) guidelines.

  title={Diagnosis and management of Waldenstr{\"o}m macroglobulinemia: Mayo stratification of macroglobulinemia and risk-adapted therapy (mSMART) guidelines.},
  author={Stephen M Ansell and Robert A Kyle and Craig B. Reeder and Rafael Le{\~a}o da Fonseca and Joseph Mikhael and William G. Morice and P Leif Bergsagel and Francis K Buadi and Joseph P. Colgan and David Dingli and Angela Dispenzieri and Philip R. Greipp and Thomas Matthew Habermann and Suzanne R. Hayman and David James Inwards and Patrick Gerard Johnston and Shaji K Kumar and Martha Q. Lacy and John A. Lust and Svetomir N. Markovic and Ivana N M Micallef and Grzegorz S Nowakowski and Luis F Porrata and Vivek Roy and Stephen Russell and Kristen E Detweiler Short and Alexander Stewart and Carrie A Thompson and Thomas E Witzig and Steven R. Zeldenrust and Robert J. Dalton and S Vincent Rajkumar and Morie A Gertz},
  journal={Mayo Clinic proceedings},
  volume={85 9},
Waldenström macroglobulinemia is a B-cell malignancy with lymphoplasmacytic infiltration in the bone marrow or lymphatic tissue and a monoclonal immunoglobulin M protein (IgM) in the serum. It is incurable with current therapy, and the decision to treat patients as well as the choice of treatment can be complex. Using a risk-adapted approach, we provide recommendations on timing and choice of therapy. Patients with smoldering or asymptomatic Waldenström macroglobulinemia and preserved… CONTINUE READING


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