Diagnosing key needs for emergent B2B in SMBs

  title={Diagnosing key needs for emergent B2B in SMBs},
  author={Enrique David Espinosa and Angeles Junco and Jorge Ramirez and Fernando Ramos and Erendida Rubio and Miriam Vazquez and Ra{\'u}l C{\'a}rdenas},
  journal={Proceedings. IEEE International Conference on e-Commerce Technology, 2004. CEC 2004.},
Small and medium sized businesses (SMB's) in Mexico, and worldwide, constitute a huge growth opportunity for high tech companies. However, the technological resources that they employ are - in general - in the early stages, and many of them are underfinanced. In order to improve the search for technological and business plans that support the increase of revenue, market expansion and/or cost reduction within the SMB, we present innovations to traditional surveying techniques, such as… CONTINUE READING

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