Diagnosing galactic feedback with line broadening in the low-redshift Lyα forest

  title={Diagnosing galactic feedback with line broadening in the low-redshift Ly$\alpha$ forest},
  author={M atteo Viel and Martin G. Haehnelt and James S Bolton and T.-S. Kim and Ewald Puchwein and Fahad Nasir and Bart P. Wakker},
  journal={Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society},
We compare the low-redshift (z 0.1) Lyα forest from hydrodynamical simulations with data from the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph. We find the tension between the observed number of lines with b-parameters in the range of 25–45 km s−1 and the predictions from simulations that incorporate either vigorous feedback from active galactic nuclei or that exclude feedback altogether. The gas in these simulations is, respectively, either too hot to contribute to the Lyα absorption or too cold to produce the… 

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