Diagnosing Personality Disorder in Africans (Blacks) Using the Azibo Nosology: Two Case Studies

  title={Diagnosing Personality Disorder in Africans (Blacks) Using the Azibo Nosology: Two Case Studies},
  author={Irene Atwell and Daudi Ajani ya Azibo},
  journal={Journal of Black Psychology},
  pages={1 - 22}
A nosology is an organized system for diagnosing diseases, disorders, or pathologies, as opposed to their mere enumeration. The present study compared clinical diagnoses of two African (Black) clients using two distinct diagnostic systems, the Eurocentric DSM-III-R nosology and the Africentric Azibo Nosology. The theoretical and paradigmatic importance of the com- parison is that in Eurocentric psychology and psychiatry the DSM-III-R nosology is the standard diagnostic tool, whereas in the… 
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