Diagnóstico molecular de enfermedades sistémicas de la caña de azúcar en la Argentina: ajuste metodológico y aplicaciones

  title={Diagn{\'o}stico molecular de enfermedades sist{\'e}micas de la ca{\~n}a de az{\'u}car en la Argentina: ajuste metodol{\'o}gico y aplicaciones},
  author={Mar{\'i}a Paula Filippone and Mar{\'i}a Francisca Perera and M Salgado and Mar{\'i}a Gabriela Balarezo Garc{\'i}a and Gabriel Ricardo Vellicce and Atilio P Castagnaro},
Molecular diagnosis of sistemic sugarcane diseases in Argentina: methodology adjustment and applications Systemic diseases represent one of the main factors affecting sugarcane production. The knowledge of crop sanitary conditions and the correct identification of phytopathogens are key factors to reduce losses caused by them. To diagnose diseases as early as possible is crucial, so techniques that are sensitive, fast, accurate and easy to use are essential. Since 2005, molecular diagnosis… CONTINUE READING