Diagnóstico de sospecha del cáncer en los servicios de urgencia hospitalarios

  title={Diagn{\'o}stico de sospecha del c{\'a}ncer en los servicios de urgencia hospitalarios},
  author={Alberto Lana and S. {\'A}lvarez-Guerrero and Pablo Herrero-Puente and Mar{\'i}a Victoria Folgueras and Mar{\'i}a Luisa Lag{\'a}ndara L{\'o}pez},
Background . To measure the frequency, trends and distribution of cancers with suspected diagnosis in the Hospital Emergency Services (HES) in Asturias during 2006-12. To describe the clinical characteristics of these cancers and to determine if they differ from those whose diagnosis is made in other services. Methods . Population based descriptive study of cancers registered in the Hospital Tumour Registry of Asturias (Spain), which provided data of patient characteristics, cancer variables… CONTINUE READING