Diabetogenic effects of n-nitrosomethylurea in the chinese hamster.

  title={Diabetogenic effects of n-nitrosomethylurea in the chinese hamster.},
  author={Erik Wilander and Rolf Gunnarsson},
  journal={Acta pathologica et microbiologica Scandinavica. Section A, Pathology},
  volume={83 2},
To evaluate the role of the glucose residue of the diabetogenic substance streptozotocin, the effect of its aglucone derivate N-nitrosomethylurea was tested in Chinese hamsters. At a dose of 50 mg/kg body weight of N-nitrosomethylurea a triphasic blood glucose curve was recorded with an initial hyperglycaemic peak after 3 hours followed by a decrease at 6… CONTINUE READING