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Diabetes in time of armed conflict: the Croatian experience.

  title={Diabetes in time of armed conflict: the Croatian experience.},
  author={Željko Metelko and Gojka Roglic and Zdenko {\vS}krabalo},
  journal={World health statistics quarterly. Rapport trimestriel de statistiques sanitaires mondiales},
  volume={45 4},
During the summer of 1991, armed conflict broke out in the Republic of Croatia. This resulted in many deaths and the displacement of many persons, with population loss in some communities and additional population burden in others. Registration of diabetic persons has been compulsory in Croatia since 1975 and from available statistics compiled by the Vuk Vrhovac Institute for Diabetes in Zagreb it was known that in 1991 there were 111,096 diabetic persons in Croatia, 16% requiring insulin, 46… CONTINUE READING