Diabetes, Obesity and Excessive Weight Gain and Pregnancy Outcomes


Objective: Perinatal outcomes in obese, excessive weight gain and diabetic mothers. Material and methods: 82 deliveries of mothers with obesity/ excessive weight gain (EWG), 7 diabetes alone, and 16 cases of obesity/EWG and diabetes compared with a control group of 43 mothers. Results: Significant differences were observed between groups with Ob and /or EWG vs control for birth weight (3420±593g, p=0,006), mean arterial pressure (88,51±9,54mmHg, p=0,006), uterine hypokinezia (χ =66.78, p<.0001), birth trauma (χ =49.53, p<.0001), and abnormal placental histology (χ =24.54, p<.0001). Significant differences were observed in diabetes/obesity/EWG for birthweight (3587,5±642, p=.026), mean arterial pressure (130,3±11mmHg, p<.001), fetal distress (χ =5.61, p<.018), and birth trauma (χ =33.19, p<.0001). Significant higher caesarean rate was observed in group with diabetes alone (χ =10.82, p<.001), and diabetes+obesity/EWG (χ =7.33, p<.007). Conclusion: diabetes, obesity and EWG are associated with increased adverse pregnancy outcomes.

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