Dexmedetomidine premedication for minor gynecologic surgery.

  title={Dexmedetomidine premedication for minor gynecologic surgery.},
  author={Riku Aantaa and Jussi Kanto and Mika Scheinin and Antero Kallio and Harry Scheinin},
  journal={Anesthesia and analgesia},
  volume={70 4},
The effects of four different doses (0.167, 0.33, 0.67, and 1.0 microgram/kg) of dexmedetomidine, a novel alpha 2-adrenoceptor agonist, on anesthetic requirements, hemodynamics, and plasma catecholamine levels were investigated in a single-blind fashion in 20 healthy (ASA physical status I) women scheduled for uterine dilatation and curettage. The drug was administered intravenously 15 min before anesthesia induction with thiopental. Nitrous oxide/oxygen (70%/30%) was used for maintenance… CONTINUE READING


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