Device Fabrication Technology

  title={Device Fabrication Technology},
  author={A. Barone and Gianfranco Patern{\`o}},
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Scaling Rules of SERS Intensity
An intricate relationship is revealed between the intensity of surface‐enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) and the optical extinction. The unusual trends of SERS intensity decrease while the extinction
A miniaturized flexible surface attachable interrogator for hybrid optical fiber sensing
In this article, we propose a miniaturized flexible interrogator for polarimetric and fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensors based hybrid sensing scheme embedded in composite materials. The flexible
Microfluidic-based capacitive sensor for underwater acoustic application
The result indicates that the proposed structure is able to become an alternative sensing device to the existing underwater acoustic sensor for low frequency underwater application.
In-Plane Resonant Nano-Electro-Mechanical Sensors: A Comprehensive Study on Design, Fabrication and Characterization Challenges
The results of modeling and characterization in this research provide a realistic guideline for these potential ultra-sensitive NEM sensors to fully explore and improve the direct current characteristics of the sensor for the consequent high frequency measurement.
Sensors and Actuators on CMOS Platforms
The monolithic or hybrid integration of sensors and actuators (S&A) onto CMOS platforms is of great importance to reduce the device size and cost as well as to facilitate new functionalities and
Microsensor Integration Into Systems-on-Chip before, during, or after standard CMOS or bipolar processing is being
Sensing systems-on-chip (SSoCs), combining micromachined sensing structures and microelectronic build- ing blocks on a single chip, are reviewed. While single-chip pressure and inertial sensing
Novel abrasive-free planarization of 4H-SiC (0001) using catalyst
A new abrasive-free planarization method for silicon carbide (SiC) wafers was proposed using the catalytic nature of platinum (Pt). We named it catalyst-referred etching (CARE). The setup equipped
Resonant Magnetic Field Sensor With Frequency Output
This paper presents a novel type of resonant magnetic field sensor exploiting the Lorentz force and providing a frequency output. The mechanical resonator, a cantilever structure, is embedded as the
Microsensor Integration Into Systems-on-Chip
  • O. Brand
  • Engineering
    Proceedings of the IEEE
  • 2006
Examples of SSoCs are presented to highlight the different integration options, ranging from cointegration of micromachined sensors with purely analog signal chains to microsystems with cointegrated digital signal processors and digital interfaces.