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Deviation of viscous drops at chemical steps

  title={Deviation of viscous drops at chemical steps},
  author={Ciro Semprebon and Silvia Varagnolo and Daniele Filippi and Luca Perlini and Matteo Pierno and Martin Brinkmann and Giampaolo Mistura},
  journal={arXiv: Fluid Dynamics},
We present systematic wetting experiments and numerical simulations of gravity driven liquid drops sliding on a plane substrate decorated with a linear chemical step. Surprisingly, the optimal direction to observe crossing is not the one perpendicular to the step, but a finite angle that depends on the material parameters. We computed the landscapes of the force acting on the drop by means of a contact line mobility model showing that contact angle hysteresis dominates the dynamics at the step… 
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Pinning of a drop by a junction on an incline.

Relying on the equilibrium equations deriving from the balance of forces, this work exhibits three scenarios depending on the way the contact line of the drop on the substrate either simply leans against the junction or overfills into the hydrophobic side.



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