Deviant Sexual Behavior in Children and Young Adolescents: Frequency and Patterns

  title={Deviant Sexual Behavior in Children and Young Adolescents: Frequency and Patterns},
  author={Edward Wieckowski and Peggy Hartsoe and A. Mayer and Joianne L. Shortz},
  journal={Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment},
A descriptive statistical study was performed to assess the characteristics of youth who began committing sexual offenses in childhood. The youth in this study ranged in age from 12 to 15. They had been committed to the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice for sexual offenses and met the criteria for residential sexual offender treatment. Three instruments were used in this study. A questionnaire was independently administered to each youth by an examiner and corroborated, when possible, by… Expand
Coming of Age in America: The Misapplication of Sex-Offender Registration and Community-Notification Laws to Juveniles
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