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Deviance and society

  title={Deviance and society},
  author={Laurie Taylor},

The Jack-Roller and the Life History Method: Notes on the Chicago School’s Clifford Shaw and Howard Becker’s Humanistic Narrative of Young Male and Female Delinquents in Different Ages

Clifford Shaw’s (1930) The Jack-Roller is a landmark study of naturalism, ethnography and crime. It is the ‘own story’ of Stanley—a young delinquent in Chicago. Shaw’s series of ethnographic studies

Edging your bets: Advantage play, gambling, crime and victimisation

Consumerism, industrial development and regulatory liberalisation have underpinned the ascendance of gambling to a mainstream consumption practice. In particular, the online gambling environment has

Critical Genres and Radical Criminology in Britain

Analyses highlighting the genres of critique engaged by radical criminologists are comparatively rare. The few exceptions tend to associate radical criminological thinking with a grammar of critique

Deviancy Theory and Industrial Praxis: A Study of Discipline and Social Control in an Industrial Setting

Several approaches within the sociology of deviance stress the role of agents of control in the definition of behaviour as socially significant forms of rule-breaking. Yet studies of the operation of

The inner side of wisdom: suicide in early modern England

The shifting perception of the nature and prevalence of suicide in early England is traced to illuminate the history of mental disorder in its social and intellectual context.