Developmental toxicity of cartap on zebrafish embryos.

  title={Developmental toxicity of cartap on zebrafish embryos.},
  author={Shengli Zhou and Qiaoxiang Dong and Shao-nan Li and Jiangfeng Guo and Xingxing Wang and Guonian Zhu},
  journal={Aquatic toxicology},
  volume={95 4},
Cartap is a widely used insecticide which belongs to a member of nereistoxin derivatives and acts on nicotinic acetylcholine receptor site. Its effects on aquatic species are of grave concern. To explore the potential developmental toxicity of cartap, zebrafish embryos were continually exposed, from 0.5 to 144h post-fertilization, to a range of concentrations of 25-1000microg/l. Results of the experiment indicated that cartap concentrations of 100microg/l and above negatively affected embryo… CONTINUE READING


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