Developmental toxicity evaluation of orthovanadate in the mouse

  title={Developmental toxicity evaluation of orthovanadate in the mouse},
  author={Daniel S{\'a}nchez and Arturo Ortega and Jos{\'e} L. Domingo and Jacint Corbella},
  journal={Biological Trace Element Research},
Sodium orthovanadate in deionized water was administered once daily by gavage on gestational days 6–15 to mice at doses of 0, 7.5, 15, 30, and 60 mg/kg. Dams were killed on day 18 of pregnancy, and fetuses were examined for external, visceral, and skeletal defects. Maternal toxicity was observed at the highest doses of sodium orthovanadate, as evidenced by a significant number of deaths (60 and 30 mg/kg/d) and reduced weight gain and food consumption (30 and 15 mg/kg/d). Embryolethality and… CONTINUE READING
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