Developmental stage-specific multi-subunit plastid RNA polymerases (PEP) in wheat.

  title={Developmental stage-specific multi-subunit plastid RNA polymerases (PEP) in wheat.},
  author={J Satoh and Kyoko Baba and Yoichi Nakahira and Yuichi Tsunoyama and Takashi Shiina and Yoshinori Toyoshima},
  journal={The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology},
  volume={18 4},
Most photosystem I and II plastid genes are transcribed by a plastid encoded Escherichia coli-like RNA polymerase (PEP). In this study, we show that both promoter selectivity and light-dependency of PEP change dramatically during development in wheat leaves. In the leaf tip, psbA and psbD promoter activities are light induced, whilst psbC, psbE and 16S rRNA promoters do not function efficiently irrespective of light conditions. In contrast to the leaf tip, in the basal portion all PEP promoters… CONTINUE READING

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