Developmental phenotype of a membrane only estrogen receptor alpha (MOER) mouse.

  title={Developmental phenotype of a membrane only estrogen receptor alpha (MOER) mouse.},
  author={Ali Pedram and Mahnaz Razandi and Jin Kuk Kim and Fiona O'Mahony and Eva Yhp Lee and Ulrike Luderer and Ellis Robert Levin},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={284 6},
Estrogen receptors (ERs) alpha and beta exist as nuclear, cytoplasmic, and membrane cellular pools in a wide variety of organs. The relative contributions of each ERalpha pool to in vivo phenotypes resulting from estrogen signaling have not been determined. To address this, we generated a transgenic mouse expressing only a functional E domain of ERalpha at the plasma membrane (MOER). Cells isolated from many organs showed membrane only localized E domain of ERalpha and no other receptor pools… CONTINUE READING
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