Developmental pesticide exposures and the Parkinson's disease phenotype.

  title={Developmental pesticide exposures and the Parkinson's disease phenotype.},
  author={Deborah A. Cory-Slechta and Mona J. Thiruchelvam and Eric K. Richfield and Brian K. Barlow and Andrew I. Brooks},
  journal={Birth defects research. Part A, Clinical and molecular teratology},
  volume={73 3},
Whereas Parkinson's disease is a neurodegenerative disorder that typically onsets after 60 years of age, the possibility that it could result from insults sustained during development has been proposed. Experimental evidence based on the combined paraquat + maneb model of the Parkinson's disease (PD) phenotype summarized here provides support for such an assertion. Postnatal exposures of mice to these pesticides led not only to a permanent and selective loss of dopaminergic neurons in the… CONTINUE READING


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