Developmental neurotoxicity of methanol exposure by inhalation in rats.

  title={Developmental neurotoxicity of methanol exposure by inhalation in rats.},
  author={Bernard Weiss and Sander Stern and Sidney C. Soderholm and Christopher Cox and Archana Sharma and G B Inglis and R Preston and Marlene Balys and K. R. Reuhl and Robert Gelein},
  journal={Research report},
          1-64; discussion 65-70
The possibility of widespread methanol exposure via inhalation stemming from its adoption as an automotive fuel or fuel component arouses concerns about the potential vulnerability of the fetal brain. This project was designed to help address such concerns by studying the behavior of neonate and adult rats following perinatal exposure to methanol vapor. Four cohorts of pregnant Long-Evans hooded rats, each cohort consisting of an exposure and a control group, were exposed to 0 parts per million… CONTINUE READING