Developmental morphometry and physiology of the rabbit vagus nerve.

  title={Developmental morphometry and physiology of the rabbit vagus nerve.},
  author={K J de Neef and J R C Jansen and Adrian Versprille},
  journal={Brain research},
  volume={256 3},
The morphological and physiological features of the rabbit vagus nerve were studied at different ages after birth. The total fibre count is about 37,500 of which at birth 1-2% and in the adult animal approximately 10% are myelinated. In the postnatal period the cross-sectional area of the vagus grows to 5 times its perinatal size due to an increase of endoneural collagen, fibre growth and myelinization. The myelinization is most pronounced in the first 2 weeks after birth, axonal growth is… CONTINUE READING

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