Developmental lead exposure causes spatial learning deficits in adult rats.

  title={Developmental lead exposure causes spatial learning deficits in adult rats.},
  author={A C Kuhlmann and Jennifer L. McGlothan and Tom{\'a}s R. Guilarte},
  journal={Neuroscience letters},
  volume={233 2-3},
Groups of male rats exposed to lead (Pb) during different developmental periods were tested as adults in a water maze. A highly significant (P < 0.01) impairment in water maze performance was measured in rats exposed to Pb only during gestation and lactation (maternal exposure). At the time of testing (100-106 days old), blood and brain Pb concentrations were at control levels. Significant impairments (P < 0.05) were also present in rats continuously exposed to Pb from conception through… CONTINUE READING

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