Developmental expression of the hemichordate otx ortholog

  title={Developmental expression of the hemichordate otx ortholog},
  author={Yoshito Harada and Noko Okai and Shunsuke Taguchi and Kunifumi Tagawa and T. E. Humphreys and Noriyuki Satoh},
  journal={Mechanisms of Development},
The phylogenetic location of hemichordates is unique because they seem to fill an evolutionary gap between echinoderms and chordates. We report here characterization of Pf-otx, a hemichordate ortholog of otx, with its embryonic and larval expression pattern. Pf-otx is initially expressed in the vegetal plate of the blastula. Expression remains evident in the archenteron through gastrulation and then disappears. A new expression domain appears near the mouth along the preoral and postoral… CONTINUE READING

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