Developmental expression of Kcnq4 in vestibular neurons and neurosensory epithelia.

  title={Developmental expression of Kcnq4 in vestibular neurons and neurosensory epithelia.},
  author={Sonia Maria Rocha-Sanchez and Kenneth A Morris and Bechara Kachar and David Nichols and Bernd Fritzsch and Kirk W. Beisel},
  journal={Brain research},
Sensory signal transduction of the inner ear afferent neurons and hair cells (HCs) requires numerous ionic conductances. The KCNQ4 voltage-gated M-type potassium channel is thought to set the resting membrane potential in cochlear HCs. Here we describe the spatiotemporal expression patterns of Kcnq4 and the associated alternative splice forms in the HCs of vestibular labyrinth. Whole mount immunodetection, qualitative and quantitative RT-PCR were performed to characterize the expression… CONTINUE READING
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