Developmental antecedents of late adolescence substance use patterns.


This longitudinal study examined antecedents of substance use behavior among 176 (53% male) adolescents. Adolescents were classified as (a) abstainers (n = 19), (b) experimenters (n = 65), (c) at-risk youth (n = 63), and (d) abusers (n = 29) based on their reported substance use behavior at age 17.5. Parental behavior, peer competence, and problem behavior… (More)


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@article{Siebenbruner2006DevelopmentalAO, title={Developmental antecedents of late adolescence substance use patterns.}, author={Jessica Siebenbruner and Michelle M. Englund and Byron R Egeland and Kelley Hudson}, journal={Development and psychopathology}, year={2006}, volume={18 2}, pages={551-71} }