Developmental Plasticity in the Life History of a Prosauropod Dinosaur

  title={Developmental Plasticity in the Life History of a Prosauropod Dinosaur},
  author={P. Sander and N. Klein},
  pages={1800 - 1802}
  • P. Sander, N. Klein
  • Published 2005
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Science
  • Long-bone histology indicates that the most common early dinosaur, the prosauropod Plateosaurus engelhardti from the Upper Triassic of Central Europe, had variable life histories. Although Plateosaurus grew at the fast rates typical for dinosaurs, as indicated by fibrolamellar bone, qualitative (growth stop) and quantitative (growth-mark counts) features of its histology are poorly correlated with body size. Individual life histories of P. engelhardti were influenced by environmental factors… CONTINUE READING
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