Developmental Control of CAM in Peperomia scandens.

  title={Developmental Control of CAM in Peperomia scandens.},
  author={P A Holthe and L. da S.L. Sternberg and Irwin P. Ting},
  journal={Plant physiology},
  volume={84 3},
Experiments were conducted to examine the development of photosynthetic carbon metabolism in Peperomia scandens, a tropical epiphyte. Leaves were sampled during a 10-day period when they were between 30 to 165 days old. P. scandens exhibits a C(3) to CAM-cycling to CAM shift during maturation with the magnitude of CAM increasing with age. Initially, during both day and night, no significant CO(2) uptake or diurnal acid flux was evident. C(3) gas exchange was detected at 41 days of age with a… CONTINUE READING

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