Development of ultralight, super-elastic, hierarchical metallic meta-structures with i3DP technology.


Lightweight and mechanically robust materials show promising applications in thermal insulation, energy absorption, and battery catalyst supports. This study demonstrates an effective method for creation of ultralight metallic structures based on initiator-integrated 3D printing technology (i3DP), which provides a possible platform to design the materials with the best geometric parameters and desired mechanical performance. In this study, ultralight Ni foams with 3D interconnected hollow tubes were fabricated, consisting of hierarchical features spanning three scale orders ranging from submicron to centimeter. The resultant materials can achieve an ultralight density of as low as 5.1 mg cm-3 and nearly recover after significant compression up to 50%. Due to a high compression ratio, the hierarchical structure exhibits superior properties in terms of energy absorption and mechanical efficiency. The relationship of structural parameters and mechanical response was established. The ability of achieving ultralight density <10 mg cm-3 and the stable [Formula: see text] scaling through all range of relative density, indicates an advantage over the previous stochastic metal foams. Overall, this initiator-integrated 3D printing approach provides metallic structures with substantial benefits from the hierarchical design and fabrication flexibility to ultralight applications.

DOI: 10.1088/1361-6528/aa8a3b

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@article{Zhang2017DevelopmentOU, title={Development of ultralight, super-elastic, hierarchical metallic meta-structures with i3DP technology.}, author={Dongxing Zhang and Junfeng Xiao and Carolyn Moorlag and Qiuquan Guo and Jun Yang}, journal={Nanotechnology}, year={2017}, volume={28 45}, pages={455708} }