Development of two-step centrifugal acoustic gas-purifying equipment

  title={Development of two-step centrifugal acoustic gas-purifying equipment},
  author={Vladimir N. Khmelev and Andrey V. Shalunov and Viktor A. Nesterov and Roman S. Dorovskikh and Ilya S. Kozhevnikov},
  journal={2016 17th International Conference of Young Specialists on Micro/Nanotechnologies and Electron Devices (EDM)},
The article is devoted to the development of high-efficient equipment for catching of high-dispersed particles (10 micron and less) from gas flow due to combined action of inertia forces and acoustic vibrations of ultrasonic frequency on the particles. Designed equipment is the two-step construction, the first step of which is the agglomerator with the… CONTINUE READING