Development of the visible light communication device for swarm using nonlinear synchronization


This paper describes development of a visible light 4 Pulse position modulation (4PPM) data communication device for underwater swarms using a nonlinear synchronizing system. SWARM—a group robot that uses intelligence as a group—do as ants and bees, is expected to be useful for marine resource exploration. Specifically, numerous SWARMs will be grouped to explore marine resources efficiently. An important difficulty is the change in electronic circuit characteristics because of high water pressure in the deep sea. Development of small and simple underwater SWARM communication devices must eliminate this problem without using large pressure-proof containers. As described herein, we considered nonlinear synchronizing systems as effective because they can be synchronized even if system time constants differ. Such systems resemble the glow mechanism used by fireflies. They have individuality, but they flash synchronously when in a group. We developed a visible light communication device using this nonlinear synchronization system based on the firefly concept. Test results confirmed that they are synchronized even if a time constant difference exists between them. Furthermore, we achieved 4PPM data communication using the nonlinear synchronization signal as a communication clock.

DOI: 10.1007/s10015-017-0396-8

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