Development of the rat thalamus: I. Mosaic organization of the thalamic neuroepithelium.

  title={Development of the rat thalamus: I. Mosaic organization of the thalamic neuroepithelium.},
  author={Joseph Altman and Shirley A. Bayer},
  journal={The Journal of comparative neurology},
  volume={275 3},
Short-survival, sequential, and long-survival thymidine radiograms of rat embryos, fetuses and young pups were analyzed in order to delineate the boundaries of the proliferative thalamic neuroepithelium, describe its early transformations, identify its regional divisions, and, finally, attempt to relate its distinct neuroepithelial components to specific thalamic nuclei that they supply with neurons. On day E13 the thalamic neuroepithelium consists of two divisions, the rostral lobe and the… CONTINUE READING


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