Development of the pushpin free STW

  title={Development of the pushpin free STW},
  author={Yukiko Uematsu and Miyako Fukushi and Keisuke Taniguchi},
  journal={2000 Asia-Pacific Magnetic Recording Conference. Digests of APMRC2000 on Mechanical and Manufacturing Aspects of HDD (Cat. No.00EX395)},
In order to realize super-high density TPI, it is necessary to greatly reduce track misregistration. For this purpose, it is necessary to reduce the amount of repeatable position errors (RPE) and improve the writing accuracy of position error signals (PES) of servo track writers (STW), in parallel with reducing non-repeatable position errors (NRPE) with fluid dynamic bearings or piggyback actuators employed. This paper introduces a new, low-priced STW system of high efficiency, with a high… CONTINUE READING

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