Development of the cruising-AUV “Jinbei”

  title={Development of the cruising-AUV “Jinbei”},
  author={Hiroshi Yoshida and Tadahiro Hyakudome and Shojiro Ishibashi and Hiroshi Ochi and Yoshitaka Watanabe and Takao Sawa and Yoshiyuki Nakano and S. Ohmika and Makoto Sugesawa and Takeshi Nakatani},
  journal={2012 Oceans - Yeosu},
JAMSTEC has developed a cruising autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) and a working AUV for observations of carbon dioxide (CO2) in deep sea and explorations of underwater minerals since 2010. This paper concentrates topic on the former AUV. The AUV named “Jinbei” is 4 meters long and 2 tons in weight. Its propulsion is four rear-thrusters and two mid-ship thrusters with azimuthal control. It has a rear X-ladder. The main sensors for observation are a pH-CO2 hybrid-sensor developed by colleagues… CONTINUE READING