Development of the continental margins of the Labrador Sea: a review

  title={Development of the continental margins of the Labrador Sea: a review},
  author={James Anderson Chalmers and T. Christopher R. Pulvertaft},
  journal={Geological Society, London, Special Publications},
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Abstract The Labrador Sea is a small oceanic basin that developed when the North American and Greenland plates separated. An initial period of stretching in Early Cretaceous time formed sedimentary basins now preserved under the continental shelves and around the margins of the oceanic crust. The basins subsided thermally during Late Cretaceous time and a second episode of tectonism took place during latest Cretaceous and early Paleocene time, before the onset of sea-floor spreading in mid… 
Evolution of Labrador Sea–Baffin Bay: Plate or Plume Processes?
Breakup between Greenland and Canada resulted in oceanic spreading in the Labrador Sea and Baffin Bay. These ocean basins are connected through the Davis Strait, a bathymetric high comprising
Initial Opening of the Eurasian Basin, Arctic Ocean
Analysis of the transition from the NE Yermak Plateau into the oceanic Eurasian Basin sheds light on the Paleocene formation of this Arctic basin. Newly acquired multichannel seismic data with a 3600
The Iceland Microcontinent and a continental Greenland-Iceland-Faroe Ridge
The Faroe–Shetland Basin: a regional perspective from the Paleocene to the present day and its relationship to the opening of the North Atlantic Ocean
Abstract The Faroe–Shetland Basin is located offshore NW Scotland on the SE margin of the Atlantic Ocean and comprises numerous sub-basins and intra-basin highs that are host to a number of
Stratigraphy, structure and petroleum potential of the Lady Franklin and Maniitsoq Basins, offshore southern West Greenland
The Lady Franklin Basin, which contains a thick succession of Cretaceous and Cenozoic sediments, constitutes the western part of the southern West Greenland offshore area. In the Davis Strait and
Fylla Bank: structure and evolution of a normal-to-shear rifted margin in the northern Labrador Sea
SUMMARY Cenozoic seafloor spreading between Greenland and North America is generally considered a major right-stepping ridge-transform-ridge system between NW–SE trending spreading ridge segments
The volcanic margins of the northern Labrador Sea: Insights to the rifting process
A new interpretation of seismic reflection data on the continental margin of northern Labrador shows basement structures similar to those observed on other volcanic rifted margins. Seaward dipping


The southern West Greenland continental margin: rifting history, basin development, and petroleum potential
The development of the continental margin of West Greenland is closely related to the processes that led to the opening of the Labrador Sea. The opening of the Labrador Sea began in the Early
New evidence on the structure of the Labrador Sea/Greenland continental margin
  • J. Chalmers
  • Geology
    Journal of the Geological Society
  • 1991
A 275 km section of a regional seismic reflection profile from the Greenland side of the Labrador Sea has been reprocessed and interpreted. Three zones of different structural style have been
Offshore evidence for Neogene uplift in central West Greenland
The ocean‐continent boundary off the western continental margin of Iberia: Crustal structure west of Galicia Bank
A seismic refraction transect across the Galicia Bank continental margin shows that the original continental crust thins westward from 17 to 2 km immediately east of a margin-parallel peridotite
Sedimentary response to mantle plumes: Implications from Paleocene onshore successions, West and East Greenland
The uplift history of the Upper Cretaceous–Paleocene sedimentary successions underneath the extensive Tertiary flood basalts of West and East Greenland supports recently described models for the
Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of Cretaceous and Paleocene Strata in Half-Grabens on the Southeast Coast of Baffin Island, Northwest Territories
ABSTRACT Strata in half-grabens below the Cape Dyer basalts on the southeast coast of Baffin Island are divided into two new formations, which show a long history of rifting and sedimentation in
The Geology of the Offshore Sedimentary Basin of West Greenland
Abstract This article on the sedimentary basin under the continental shelf of West Greenland is based on work released to the public by the TGA-Grepco Group of Companies. The data include 18 845 km