Development of the construction processes for reinforced additively constructed concrete

  title={Development of the construction processes for reinforced additively constructed concrete},
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The Viability and Simplicity of 3D-Printed Construction: A Military Case Study
In November 2019, U.S. Marines, Air Force, and Army Corps of Engineers personnel demonstrated the viability and simplicity of three-dimensionally (3D)-printed construction in a controlled environment
An Analysis of the Viability of 3D-Printed Construction as an Alternative to Conventional Construction Methods in the Expeditionary Environment
Conventional construction is believed by some to have reached its technological limit of performance, making it increasingly difficult for conventional construction methods to meet the U.S.
State of the Art Review of Reinforcement Strategies and Technologies for 3D Printing of Concrete
This state of the art review paper aims to discuss the results of a literature survey on possible ways to reinforce printed concrete based on existing reinforcement strategies. Just as conventional
Recent Developments and Challenges of 3D-Printed Construction: A Review of Research Fronts
In the last few years, scattered experiences of the application of additive manufacturing in the construction of buildings using 3D printing with robots or automated equipment have emerged around the


Additive manufacturing of concrete in construction: potentials and challenges of 3D concrete printing
ABSTRACT Additive manufacturing is gaining ground in the construction industry. The potential to improve on current construction methods is significant. One of such methods being explored currently,
Design of a 3D printed concrete bridge by testing
ABSTRACT The current state of research and development into the additive manufacturing of concrete is poised to become a disruptive technology in the construction industry. Although many academic and
Digital Concrete: Opportunities and Challenges
Digital fabrication has been termed the “third industrial revolution” in recent years, and promises to revolutionize the construction industry with the potential of freeform architecture, less
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Extended Technology-Acceptance Model to Make Smart Construction Systems Successful
This research presents a meta-modelling system that automates the very labor-intensive and therefore time-heavy and therefore expensive and expensive process of designing and implementing smart construction systems.
The current state of 3D printing for use in construction
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Think formwork – reduce costs
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