Development of the Zebrafish Lymphatic System Requires Vegfc Signaling

  title={Development of the Zebrafish Lymphatic System Requires Vegfc Signaling},
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  • Axel M Küchler, E. Gjini, +3 authors S. Schulte-Merker
  • Published 2006
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Current Biology
  • Lymphangiogenesis results in the formation of a vascular network distinct from arteries and veins that serves to drain interstitial fluid from surrounding tissues and plays a pivotal role in the immune defense of vertebrates as well as in the progression of cancer and other diseases . In mammals, lymph vessels are lined by endothelial cells possibly sprouting from embryonic veins, and their development appears to be critically dependent on the function of PROX1 and VEGFC signaling . The… CONTINUE READING
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