Development of the MICROMEGAS detector for measuring the energy spectrum of alpha particles by using a 241Am source

  title={Development of the MICROMEGAS detector for measuring the energy spectrum of alpha particles by using a 241Am source},
  author={Do Yoon Kim and Cheolmin Ham and Jae Won Shin and T. S. Park and Seung Woo Hong and Samuel A Andriamonje and Yacine Kadi and Claudio Tenreiro},
  journal={Journal of the Korean Physical Society},
We have developed MICROMEGAS (MICRO MEsh GASeous) detectors for detecting a particles emitted from an 241Am standard source. The voltage applied to the ionization region of the detector is optimized for stable operation at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. The energy of a particles from the 241Am source can be varied by changing the flight path of the a particle from the 241Am source. The channel numbers of the experimentally-measured pulse peak positions for different energies of the… 
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  • Doyoon KimS. Andriamonje C. Tenreiro
  • Physics, Engineering
    Applied radiation and isotopes : including data, instrumentation and methods for use in agriculture, industry and medicine
  • 2013

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