Development of the Andalusian Registry of Patients Receiving Community Case Management, for the follow-up of people with complex chronic diseases.


RATIONALE, AIMS AND OBJECTIVES Complex chronic diseases are a challenge for the current configuration of health services. Case management is a service frequently provided for people with chronic conditions, and despite its effectiveness in many outcomes, such as mortality or readmissions, uncertainty remains about the most effective form of team organization, structures and the nature of the interventions. Many processes and outcomes of case management for people with complex chronic conditions cannot be addressed with the information provided by electronic clinical records. Registries are frequently used to deal with this weakness. The aim of this study was to generate a registry-based information system of patients receiving case management to identify their clinical characteristics, their context of care, events identified during their follow-up, interventions developed by case managers and services used. METHODS The study was divided into three phases, covering the detection of information needs, the design and its implementation in the health care system, using literature review and expert consensus methods to select variables that would be included in the registry. RESULTS A total of 102 variables representing structure, processes and outcomes of case management were selected for their inclusion in the registry after the consensus phase. A web-based registry with modular and layered architecture was designed. The framework follows a pattern based on the model-view-controller approach. In its first 6 months after the implementation, 102 case managers have introduced an average number of 6.49 patients each one. CONCLUSIONS The registry permits a complete and in-depth analysis of the characteristics of the patients who receive case management, the interventions delivered and some major outcomes as mortality, readmissions or adverse events.

DOI: 10.1111/jep.12392

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