Development of speech corpora in Gujarati and Marathi for phonetic transcription

  title={Development of speech corpora in Gujarati and Marathi for phonetic transcription},
  author={Kewal D. Malde and Bhavik B. Vachhani and Maulik C. Madhavi and Nirav H. Chhayani and Hemant A. Patil},
  journal={2013 International Conference Oriental COCOSDA held jointly with 2013 Conference on Asian Spoken Language Research and Evaluation (O-COCOSDA/CASLRE)},
There have been growing interest to use speech technology for rural areas. In this context, this paper describes the development of speech corpora in Indian languages (viz., Gujarati and Marathi from remote villages) for the task of phonetic transcription. This paper also presents related analysis of phonetic transcription. The manual phonetic transcription was done for two Indian languages, viz., Gujarati and Marathi for 8 hours of field recorded speech data in real-life settings. Dialectal… CONTINUE READING


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