Development of single frame X-ray framing camera for pulsed plasma experiments

  title={Development of single frame X-ray framing camera for pulsed plasma experiments},
  author={Janardan Upadhyay and J A Chakera and C. P. Navathe and Prasad Anant Naik and A. S. Joshi and Parshotam D. Gupta},
A single-frame X-ray framing camera has been set up for fast imaging of X-ray emissions from pulsed plasma sources. It consists of two parts, viz. an X-ray pin-hole camera using an open-ended microchannel plate (MCP) detector coupled to a CCD camera, and a high voltage short duration gate pulse for the MCP. The camera uses a 10-Μm pin-hole aperture for imaging on the MCP detector with a magnification of 6 X. The high voltage pulser circuit generates a pulse of variable duration from 5 to 30 ns… 
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