Development of retino-tectal arborizations in the trout

  title={Development of retino-tectal arborizations in the trout},
  author={Sonia Mansour-Robaey and Gabrielle Pinganaud},
  journal={Anatomy and Embryology},
In order to visualize the organization and the morphology of developing retinal axons in the trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss), HRP or DiI crystals were applied on the central part of the retina at different stages ranging from 21 days postfertilization (stage 27) to one month post-hatching (stage 36). Retinal axons and arborizations were observed on tectal whole mounts with a light microscope. The earliest stage investigated (stage 27) showed two groups of axons entering the tectum by its ventro… CONTINUE READING


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