Development of microhand utilizing singularity of parallel mechanism

  title={Development of microhand utilizing singularity of parallel mechanism},
  author={Toru Ejima and Kenichi Ohara and Masaru Kojima and Mitsuhiro Horade and Tamio Tanikawa and Yasushi Mae and Tatsuo Arai},
  journal={2013 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems},
In the fields of medicine and biology, it is essential to realize fine manipulation. Therefore, micromanipulation techniques and micromanipulators such as microgrippers and optical tweezers have been developed. We have developed a two-fingered microhand which is using the parallel mechanism to realize precise and stable micromanipulation. However, the previous microhand has problems about workspace and vibration. In this paper, the development of a new microhand which solves problems of… CONTINUE READING