Development of logical problem solving: a one-year retest.

  title={Development of logical problem solving: a one-year retest.},
  author={Edith D. Neimark and Naphtali Lewis},
  journal={Child development},
  volume={39 2},
  • Edith D. Neimark, Naphtali Lewis
  • Published in Child development 1968
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • In order to (a) compare development in the same child over a 1-year interval with a previously obtained cross-sectional picture and (b) get at individual differences in rate and course of development, children in the age range of transition from concrete to formal operations were given a series of problems and retested 1 year later. Level of performance was assessed with respect to 3 objective measures as well as a qualitative rating. There was good agreement among the measures. The… CONTINUE READING

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