Development of lateral line organs in the axolotl.

  title={Development of lateral line organs in the axolotl.},
  author={R. Glenn Northcutt and Kenneth C. Catania and B B Criley},
  journal={The Journal of comparative neurology},
  volume={340 4},
Lateral line sensory receptors and their cranial nerves in axolotls arise from a dorsolateral series of placodes, including the octaval placode, that gives rise to the inner ear and the octaval nerve. Anterodorsal and anteroventral placodes occur rostral to the octaval placode and give rise to anterodorsal and anteroventral lateral line nerves and electroreceptors and mechanoreceptors of the snout, cheek, and lower jaw. Middle, supratemporal, and posterior placodes occur caudal to the octaval… CONTINUE READING