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Development of insulin resistance in obese patients

  title={Development of insulin resistance in obese patients},
  author={Genes Sg},
  journal={Klinicheskaia meditsina},
  • Genes Sg
  • Published 1977
  • Medicine
  • Klinicheskaia meditsina

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Insulin sensitizer prevents and ameliorates experimental type 1 diabetes.
In conclusion, potent insulin sensitizers may counteract genetic predisposition to autoimmune T1D and amplify subtherapeutic insulin into an effective therapeutic measure for the treatment of overt T2D. Expand
The relationship of serum resistin concentration and body mass index in obese children (aged 13-15)
Resin physiology of children needs to be understood, as resistin seem not to be the major link between obesity and insulin resistance, but it may be related to the maturation of children during pubertal development, ability of growth hormone to induce resistin mRNA expression, and the growth-promoting action of growth hormones. Expand