Development of insulin resistance by nitrate tolerance in conscious rabbits.

  title={Development of insulin resistance by nitrate tolerance in conscious rabbits.},
  author={Agnes Bajza and Barna Peitl and J{\'o}zsef Lajos N{\'e}meth and R{\'o}bert P{\'o}rsz{\'a}sz and Gyorgy Rabloczky and Peter Literati-Nagy and Judith Szilv{\'a}ssy and Zolt{\'a}n Szilv{\'a}ssy},
  journal={Journal of cardiovascular pharmacology},
  volume={43 3},
Clinical evidence has been raised to suggest that transdermal nitroglycerin increases the sensitivity of peripheral tissues to the hypoglycemic effect of insulin. In this study we determined whether development of tolerance to the hypotensive effect of nitroglycerin also resulted in tolerance to the insulin-sensitizing effect in rabbits. Intravenous glucose disposal and hyperinsulinemic euglycemic glucose clamp studies were performed on naive and hemodynamic nitrate tolerant conscious New… CONTINUE READING