Development of hydrogel biochip for in vitro allergy diagnostics.

  title={Development of hydrogel biochip for in vitro allergy diagnostics.},
  author={Guzel Feyzkhanova and Marina Filippova and V. O. Talibov and Ekaterina Dementieva and Valery V. Maslennikov and Yu P Reznikov and Nadine Offermann and A. S. Zasedatelev and Alla Yu Rubina and M. Fooke-Achterrath},
  journal={Journal of immunological methods},
A hydrogel biochip was developed for the simultaneous quantitative determination of sIgE for 21 allergens and total IgE in human serum. The biochips are manufactured by photoinduced copolymerization of different molecules (allergens and antibodies) with gel-forming monomers resulting in the formation of three-dimensional hydrogel elements (1nl gel drops). After incubation of the biochip with the serum, the results are visualized using fluorescently labeled anti-IgE antibodies. Using biochips… CONTINUE READING