Development of human cerebellar nuclei. Morphometric study.

  title={Development of human cerebellar nuclei. Morphometric study.},
  author={Keiji Yamaguchi and Noboru Goto and Toshi Yuki Yamamoto},
  journal={Acta anatomica},
  volume={136 1},
The morphometric development of the human cerebellar nuclei was examined in 9 fetuses (16-40 weeks of gestation; WG), an infant (2 months old) and 2 adults (16 and 63 years old). With the morphological observation of serial sections of the brain containing the cerebellar nuclei, the authors measured sections to get several morphometric parameters: the volume of nuclear column and number, packing density and cell body area of neurons. Each nucleus (dentate, emboliform, globose and fastigial… CONTINUE READING
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